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exam papers and eleven plus exam papers are availbale.

Welcome To Rush Resources

exam papersWe produce challenging yet stimulating 11+ resources that help students prepare for their 11+ exams throughout the UK and maximise their chances of securing a Grammar or Independent School place. We aim to cover all aspects of the 11+ and 7+ exams. We also provide specialist tuition courses for the 11 plus, KS2, KS3 GCSE's and A Levels, Exam papers.

Help your child ace the 11+ today by buying our E-Papers so they get the grammar school place they deserve!

About Us


Welcome to Rush Resources

Rush Resources was founded and created by 11+ experts. We pride ourselves on being pioneers in the 11+ market as we have identified simple yet effective strategies to help thousands of children get the grammar school place they deserve. To find out more, click Read More below:




11+ Tuition Courses

Sign up to one of our specialised 11plus courses whereby we incorporate a learning technique that is unique and specific for your child to help them feel ready for their exams. With our experience and knowledge of the 11 plus we provide a thorough and cost-effective approach for parents seeking to help their children understand the correct 11 plus methodology to maximise their chance of success in the exam.

Hall of Fame

For many years, Rush Resources has helped numerous students gain access and win scholarships to top UK grammar schools, helped pupils boost their grades and confidence and developed comprehensive tuition programmes for students who deserve to attend a mainstream school. Click the star to identify our bright young 11plus stars.
11 plus hall of fame

Mock Exam Days

Take advantage of our Mock Exam Days to give your child a realistic exam experience, the opportunity to enhance their time management as well as a detailed performance report highlighting your child’s key strengths and weaknesses so they can improve their future exam performance, with confidence.
mock exams



Our Resources are used by

11 plus schools




after school clubs


tuition centres


private tutors


For More Details Call Now



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